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Mission Statement

The Jóhann Jóhannsson Foundation’s mission is to foster and enhance appreciation, education, and achievement in the areas of composition, music, and art around the world. 

 Jóhann´s Legacy

Jóhann Jóhannsson leaves behind a rich musical legacy as a film composer, recording artist, producer and touring musician. His work often blended electronic and classical orchestrations and bears the diverse influences of the Baroque, Minimalism, drone-based,electro acoustic music and alternative Rock´n Roll.

Jóhann could not be defined by any particular genre, and thus begins our mission to encourage upcoming generations of composers to defy conformity and create music for all types of media and mediums. Though Jóhann was just getting started building his illustrious career, his inspiration is wildly felt among a new generation of music makers. Our goal is to help identify those musicians and help them reach new heights.





Johann was lucky to encounter exceptional music programs in the icelandic and american elementary schools he attended. That influence gave him a crucial foundation to build on as he developed into the musician and composer the world later learned to know and love.

Johann’s life was cut short. His amazing music lives on and it is our hope that this foundation, in his name and memory, may foster and support the talents of young musicians across continents and thus carry on the musical legacy of our beloved Johann Johannsson.
— Family
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The Jóhann Jóhannsson Foundation´s Core Elements:



  • OBJECTIVE: Develop school programs where working composers, songwriters, and producers interact directly with current students

    • Present the latest technologies

    • Give a holistic approach to composition

    • Showcase practical skills that translate beyond performance

    • Encourage performance of original student compositions at holiday concerts in schools.

    ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Create a unique, fun, and engaging program for young students just learning to play recorders and first instruments.

    • Focus on melody and expression of one’s voice

    • Give students opportunities to create their own melodies and perform

    • Workshops to include both composers, songwriters, and producers giving a full and fun perspective of melody creation.

      MIDDLE SCHOOL - Alongside in-school workshops with artists…

    • Work with local school boards to offer performance opportunities at middle school level repertoire

    • Encourage schools’ music programs to premiere composer works in concert

      HIGH SCHOOL – Alongside in-school workshops with artists…

    • Local- and national-level scholarship program where winning students are mentored by composers and have their winning pieces performed at gala event

    • Local school program teaching concert programming to encourage students to write for their school

    • Advocacy to local music schools and teachers to mentor high school students in all areas of composition.


  • The Johann Johannsson Foundation will organize an annual gala with donors where composers and artists of various stature perform new works to raise money for the foundation. Student composers’ work will be programmed alongside veteran composers.

Icelandic/Worldwide Partnership

  • Jóhann infused the world with his unique sound from his roots in Iceland. Music comes from every outlet of the world and JJF will work to fund programs and create resources to educate the next generation of emerging composers around the world through scholarships/education outreach and annual festival